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Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Whats Happening at the Lodge??
We will be having a Chili Cookoff at the Lodge on March 17th. Get your best recipes and come out and compete. The official rules are posted in the Social Quarters. The winner will be selected by blind judging and will move on to represent our Lodge at the District 9 competition.
If you can't cook, then come out and judge the "Peoples Choice" best chili.

Election time is quickly approaching. If you are interested in running for office, you will need to submit your name to the Nominating Committee (current board) no later than March 25th.
You may also submit your name at the Lodge by filling out a nomination notice.

By the way, we have Blue Moon on tap in the social quarterr by request of Kim ,Kristin and Tracey!!
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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First I would like to say thank you to everyone who has pitched in at the Lodge. Everything cannot get done with just two or three people doing all the work. A special Thank You to all who have been helping with the Legion Breakfast each month.

If you have not been to the Lodge lately, I encourage you stop in and see the improvements we have made. The floors in the Social Quarters and kitchen have been refurbished and look awesome. We have also had the ceiling repaired and repainted. (Thank you Chuck and team!!)

We have added new lighting in the Hall and in the parking lot as well.
We have more projects in the planning stages to continue to “Move Forward” here at the Lodge.

It's a big job running a lodge with only a few members doing most of the daily work. We need more members to get involved and make your lodge as nice a place as it can be. Remember, most of the work in the lodge is all being done by volunteers and they want to be able to come out and enjoy the lodge sometimes instead of just working there all the time. Can you help in the Kitchen? Can you help check ID's? Can you help mow the grass this spring? Can you help clean the floors or bathrooms? If you volunteer to help just one day a month it will make a difference.

When signing up new members, please be sure to explain to them what being a Moose Member is all about. Encourage your friends and family and neighbors to join and if you know a member whose membership has expired or might be expiring, encourage to remain a member.

The election of new officers is right around the corner. We have a nomination committee in place and if you are interested in running for office on the Board or have any questions, please see any current Board member.

Chuck Grab
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